Wood Roadster

“The idea was that the car had to be original and unique, and should not resemble any other cars out there.”

The Manufacturer

Szabo Peter

Construction of the Wooden Car

by Szabó Péter

Many people often ask me about what was the prime aspect of my motivation to pursue the execution of such a grand plan. The starting point was the construction of a wooden carriage, which I finished 8 years ago, and which I managed to complete in merely 8 months. As I finished the carriage, I had the idea to build a wooden car, also from solid ash wood. The idea was that the car had to be original and unique, and should not resemble any other cars out there.

After I drew a mental picture about the form of the car, I put my ideas on paper and made the first sketch of it. First I made a scale-model, which was photographed by engineer Ferenczi Csaba Zsolt, who made three dimensional drawings. He then edited the drawing, which I printed in full size.

In the meantime I purchased a Ford Taunus which was in great shape and from which I used the 2.3 litres, 110 horsepower motor house, the automatic switch-box and the two bridges. Thankfully I managed to find a great technician in the village we live in, who agreed to help with the execution of the mechanical parts and the technological solutions. His name is Matyus Csaba.

He was needed when we bumped into some problems regarding the construction of the car’s under-carriage. We had to connect old components with new car parts. A year later the under-carriage was completed, and we solved the technological issues, so I could finally start the construction of the car-body.

To make sure that both parts of the car are exactly the same, I used a telemeter to help me in the supervision of the car’s reflection. I printed the forms of the car from the front, the rear and the side-view and with the help of a bidimentional telemeter; I could follow the exact shapes and sizes. I have made templates from the printed photos, which I drew on the trimmed ash woods, and by shifting the joints, I glued the parts together, one by one with Kleiberit Polyurethan D4 Glue. After I attached these components together, I only needed to make the final touches.

I took special care of not putting any plastic in the car. It is made up of merely wood, leather and metal. It is upholstered with original calf leather and the car’s hood is wrapped in heat- and sound-isolation. It is then varnished with yacht varnish, which is polished and enameled.


Windshield: Duplex

Chassie: Metal

Wheels: 19 inches

Motor: Ford Taunus 2.3 l, 110 horsepower

Switch-box: Automatic

Servo-assisted Break

Power Steering


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